Find My Phone!!!

About Find My Phone!!

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Find My Phone!!! is an easy way for you to locate your misplaced phone, whether your forgot what room it is in, or if you lost it between the couch cushions, even if you left it in your pocket! All you have to do is send a text message to your phone containing a code phrase, and a loud alarm will go off allowing you to find your phone. Always keep your phone in silent mode? No problem! Find My Phone!!! will turn the volume all the way up once it receives the special text to allow you to hear it!

How To Use

To use Find My Phone!!! you must enter a user code, this code can be anything you want, but you need to remember it so you can text it to your phone. To activate the alarm you must text your phone your special code, but you have to type, "find my phone" before your code. For example: the special code is "frostsoft rocks", so to find your phone you would text:

"find my phone frostsoft rocks"

You can text from either another phone or use this Online Texter to send a text from your computer!

NOTE: for Find My Phone Lite users the special code you text to your phone is:

"find my phone lite"

About the Lite Version

There is now a Lite Version of Find My Phone!!! available in Android Market, this version is solely for the purpose of testing out the program to see if you want to buy it, it is not intended to be used to find your phone. This being said in the lite version you are not allowed to create your own user code, you have a limited choice of alarm sounds, and the alarm plays for a short time, this is all to showcase what the full version offers. If you want the alarm to play for over a minute of more please buy the full version. If you are viewing this page using your Android enabled mobile phone you can also Download Find My Phone Lite here.

Where To Buy

Currently only available for Google Android based phones, and can be purchased through the Android Market App on your mobile device.

Help Support Frostsoft!!!

Your donations will help further development of Find My Phone!!! and other exciting Apps!
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